The Ninox SagaEdit

The Ninox Saga is a tabletop role playing campaign set in the Star Wars universe using the Edge of the Empire system created by Fantasy Flight Games.

It follows the crew of the Ninox Mu, a Starlight-class light freighter, as they traverse the galaxy and try to steer clear of the Galactic Empire.

The PlayersEdit

Beka is the Game Master of the Ninox Saga, and her plans and schemes are being continually thwarted and her ability to improvise continually tested by the players.

The current player roster is: Rhi, Kim, Nika, and Kara, but the group may soon be joined by Nick if scheduling allows. Guest appearances from Ash and Madi are also in the works.

The Crew Edit

Nadiya Pavan, played by Rhi, is the captain of the Ninox Mu, a veteran of the Clone Wars and currently operating as a smuggler.

Alanna Fenn (Kim), is our resident Jedi-in-exile, who denounced the Jedi order at the start of the Clone Wars and has been on the run ever since.

Chi'reeka (Nika) is a Twi'lek smuggler and captain of the Berylia Vox, who first came to Tatooine in search of her wayward twin sister.

Auyi'reeka (Kara) is a Twi'lek mechanic, ex-slave, and Chi'reeka's twin sister.

C-4RL is a limited edition protocol-astromech hybrid prototype that Auyi salvaged from Teemo's Palace. He's a trash can with legs.

A list of NPCs can be found here.

The Story Edit

  1. Episode I: Escape from Mos Shuuta
  2. Episode II: Long Arm of the Hutt
  3. Episode III: Hunter and Hunted (in progress)

Latest activityEdit

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The Ninox Mu

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