“Vrixx’tt? That’s not a name, that’s a captcha!” - Nika
“Carl can’t even see him.” - Beka
C-4RL, known to the group as "Carl," is a limited-edition prototype astromech-protocol droid hybrid. He was found in Teemo's palace and was adopted by Auyi.

Official Biography Edit

C-4RL is a Compact Relations and Linguistics astromech-protocol droid hybrid, part of a limited-run series of droids that never really caught on. The company that created them has since been dissolved, its assets sold to the major droid manufacturers in what the HoloNet regards as a "profitable acquisition."

There were fewer than 400 of the CRL series produced before 22 BBY, and after a number of mishaps and failed tests during the first year of the Clone War, the model was deemed unfit for service and relegated to menial tasks off the battlefield. The droid's struggles were in large part due to several flaws in its design, such as non-articulated struts, arms that only swiveled upon one axis, and a third wheel strut that had been installed backwards and cost the droid a great deal in maneuverability. Popular consensus about the naming convention of the droids (placing the numerical modifier in between the acronym) was that it was needlessly confusing and inefficient.

Very little is known about C-4RL's history, other than the fact that he was found in Teemo's palace and that his memory had been expunged. He has made mention of being on ships prior to joining the crew of the Ninox, but he doesn't remember when he served on ships before.

The fact that his memory was erased, quite deliberately, has piqued the crew's curiosity.

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